About Me

I am a social/cultural anthropologist by training, but have worked in various capacities as lecturer/trainer, researcher, fieldworker, consultant, reader, editor, translator, coordinator and organizer.

If you are interested in my services and do not want to offer me a long-term position with exciting prospects just yet, maybe I can work with you in my capacity as a Bodenseher.

I was trained at the universities of Mainz, where I got my MA, and Canterbury (UK). Later, I received my PhD from the Martin Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg. Yes, my degree is from the same school that Hamlet went to.

At various times, I’ve been employed at HE institutions in Mainz, Bielefeld, Halle-Wittenberg (2), and Konstanz (2). See my CV for details.

I am the world’s leading academic specialist on the Kara (South Omo, Ethiopia). If you haven’t seen it yet, maybe take 26 minutes out of your busy day to check out the film I made together with a good friend.

Additionally, I have done a good deal of research on the politics of cultural heritage in Myanmar.

Most recently, I have studied customs and traditions of the Lake Constance region, where I was born and to where I returned in 2015.

I greatly enjoy teaching, and have a certificate to prove it.

I have had a distributed social media presence for the longest time; this website is intended to serve as a hub to ground these other more ephemeral manifestations. Old school.

Since 2018 and up until recently, I was a member of the Allegra Lab editorial collective. Allegra Lab is one of the foremost independent anthropological publishing platforms, has been steadily growing since its inception in 2013, and I still am really proud of the work we have been doing. Check it out. Still: It was time to move on and write a bittersweet departure note.

I lost the very nice hat pictured above somewhere on the bus to the Trelleborg-Sassnitz ferry in 2018. Alas.

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